“Division 8 and 10 installers are the only trade in construction today that deal with Life Safety, Fire Code, Building Code, and ADA Code, yet are not Regulated.”

Our Mission

The DHIAA was brought forth as an association to solve the quality control and accountability issues surrounding the door and hardware industry.  Door hardware in the 20th century is becoming increasingly complex and reliant on electronic hardware, and in the future we will need a new breed of door installer to keep up with the new technology but still be versed in the older hardware that is in the field now.

To that end,  we are offering education and tools to help companies hire employees that are up to the task.  Formatted training programs, documentation and easy access to classes that can be given online if needed.  Help finding the right insurance at a affordable price, what tools and techniques will help do the job faster and be more profitable, advice from other companies on how to structure and competitively bid jobs.  In doing this we feel we will elevate the commercial door hardware installation profession so that the hourly rate can be raised to match the more qualified and experienced technicians, making it easier to attract a younger element into the ranks so that they may grow with this more professional industry.


General Contractors