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Our Mission

The DHIAA was brought forth as an association to solve the quality control and accountability issues surrounding the door and hardware industry.  Door hardware in the 20th century is becoming increasingly complex and reliant on electronic hardware, and in the future we will need a new breed of door installer to keep up with the new technology but still be versed in the older hardware that is in the field now.

To that end,  we are offering education and tools to help door installation companies hire and properly train new employees that are up to the task.  Formatted training programs, documentation and easy access to classes that can be given online if needed.  Help finding the right insurance at a affordable price, what tools and techniques will help door installers do the job faster and be more profitable while give you a quality installation.  We also offer advice from other companies on how to structure there companies and competitively bid jobs.  In doing this we feel we will elevate the commercial door hardware installation profession so that the hourly rate can be raised to match the more qualified and experienced technicians, making it easier to attract a younger element into the ranks so that they may grow with this more professional industry.

Door Hardware is a patent driven business.  Assa Abloy, Allegion, Dorma Kaba, and the host of smaller groups and companies all strive to make there products unique and different, changing there designs ever more often.  Keeping up with these hardware changes requires training and experience.

Division 8 and 10 installers are the only trade that deals with Life Safety, Fire Code, ADA Code, yet are not licensed, regulated, or organized by standard or method.

The DHIAA will change this by:

Requiring that all of its members be versed in the same door installation practices, policies, codes requirements, and safety requirements involved in preforming the job.

Requiring that all of its members are Fully insured with Work Comp. Liability and Commercial Auto and will and if the certification lapses then the Certification will be put in a “On Hold” status

If there is a workmanship issue on a project large enough to warrant a letter from the General Contractor or Architect then the installers status will be put “On Hold” pending review. Until such time when the problem is rectified or the project has reached CO Status.

If the workmanship issue persists, or we have a Installation company that receives constant complaints then more action will be taken that could result in the license being revoked.

If you agree with what we are trying to do we ask that you please include the following in your spec under:

Section 08  71  00  Door Hardware,   Part 3 Execution,   Paragraph 3.1 J Installation

Door Opening and Hardware Installer shall be a member of the DHIAA and a qualified direct installer of products and will not share trades with any other trade, licensed or unlicensed.  In addition the Installation company shall in their regular employment have a JDI “Journeyman Door Installer” available to the project to manage the Installation process and insure that it is done in a proper manner and according to the manufacturers specifications and specifications set forth per this project.