Welcome General Contractors

As a General Contractor, You are tasked to find the very best subs for your project.  However we understand the not all subs are created equally,  You might be put in a position were you may have to hire a poor door sub because there is only one door sub in your area, Unaware that another may want to work in the area as well.  Because of this we have devised two tools to help General Contractors weed out the door contractors that are not up to standard for your business.  We have developed the Certified Door Installers Map to show you each of our members and were they will travel.  As well as profile page with feed back that you post directly to DHIAA so that these companies may better their business.

Also, the DHIAA regulates its members by taking legitimate complaints backed by documentation from both the General Contractors and Architect.  We grade our installers based on their performance and posts this in there profile.  This gives our association teeth and weeds out the bad apples in the industry.

The categories include:

  1. Workmanship
  2. Insurance Requirements
  3. Ethics as it relates to Workmanship
  4. Issues related to scope conflicts
  5. Scheduling.