Welcome Installers

The DHIAA is an association For, and By Door Installers.  Our only goal is to train a new generation of door installer, elevate the profession for a better work environment, improve trade practices, and increase pay across the spectrum of our profession.  

We will work with Architects to ensure that only trained door installers are scheduled and speced on commercial projects.  That your company is supplied with the most up to date training material so you can efficiently and cost effectively train new workers.  If you have questions about how to better run your business, you can get advise from some of the larges and most experience door installers in the industry.  We offer a forum with a Q and A section, articles on the business.  We also offer special rates to our members with our partners on Work Comp, Liability, and Commercial Auto insurance as well as access to Aflac for you company.

The largest problem in our profession is finding and training employes.   To that end, We offer standardized door install curriculum free to members to train your employees more effectively, this includes written classes and videos on individual installation of hardware.  So you can train the installers and pay them for what they know and not for what they say they know.   Below is an overview of the core curriculum for what we offer, however we are constantly adding to this info to keep up with the changing trends of the business.


  1. What does door hardware installation cover,  what is expected from you by your employer and what is expected from you by the customer.
  2. What scope of work will you be working on.
  3. What tools will you need.
  4. What is the difference between a door installer and a carpenter.

Introduction to material

  1. How many different types of doors are there?
  2. Setting up a job and Laying out doors
  3. Doors, frames, and fastening methods.
  4. Installing KD frames and when there used.
  5. Installing Welded frames and when there used.
  6. Installing a door in a team and by yourself.
  7. Door adjustment “the art of the shim”
  8. Door preps and why there important.


  1. Overview of hardware and how to navigate it.
  2. Reading plans and a hardware schedule
  3. Hinges and pivots,  how to install each correctly.
  4. Locks, cylindrical versus mortise, there uses and how they effect handing.
  5. Fire ratings and why they matter and the difference between grade 1, 2 and 3
  6. Panic bars and hardware,  exterior trims and cylinders
  7. An overview of Mortising, machining, wood and metal
  8. Installing Closers, overhead stops, and coordinators.
  9. Miscellaneous hardware and how it’s installed.

Bathroom Partitions

  1. Partition types and how they differ
  2. Overview of 4 types of mounting
  3. Measuring out and laying out a bathroom
  4. Locating the high point and slope of the floor
  5. Setting brackets marking, drilling, leveling.
  6. Where to start, panel, pilaster, door.
  7. Plum, level, straight, and what looks right.
  8. Hardware and measurements.
  9. Grab bars and measurements