What tools will you need?

To be a commercial door installer requires many disciplines,  It also requires a large selection of tools.  In addition to Power tools like: Drills, Impacts, Hammer Drills, Grinders, Circular Saws, and more…  There are also some hand tools that should not be left our of your bag.

Tool Bag (Back Pack Type)

10 Pencils

Straight Claw Finish Hammer

Dead Blow Black Rubber Hammer

Speed Square

12 Pack of Screw Drivers

2 Big Flat Bars

1 Little Flat Bar

25ft Tape

Razor Knife

Cole Chisel w/ Cover

3 Pack of Wood Chisels

Small Needle Nose Pliers

Small Needle Nose Vise Grips

Large Vise Grips

Medium Channel Lock Pliers

Medium Crescent Wrench

Yellow Ten Snips

3 Different Sized Putty Knives

3 Pack Nail Punch

2 Allen Wrench Sets (Metric and Standard)

4 Impact Shafts

4 Impact Hex Drives

1 Set of Cobalt (not the brand) Drill Bits Size 1/8-1/2 (every other size)